ATLG Pest Control Newcastle

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ATLG Pest Control Newcastle
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If you are buying a piece of property it is part of your own due diligence to ensure that a building and pest inspection is done prior to signing a contract. Inspection reports have the ability to save you countless hours and money on damage that you were not aware of. It is essential to have a pre-purchase building inspection done to protect your future rights as the property holder. In addition, if you are selling a property it is a wise idea to have pest and building inspection done. This will allow you to get any work done to the property before it is put on the market and protects you from any curve balls while the property is listed. Our professionals have the tools that are needed for the right pre-purchase pest inspection. It is best to get these types of details done as soon as possible regardless of whether you are the buyer or seller. They help to put a buyer’s nerves at ease and allows the seller to know that there are no issues with the house that will interfere with the sale.

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