Professional Carpet Cleaning Methods

Carpet cleaning is one of the household chores very few people manage to do the right way. In time, this leads to an accumulation of dirt and grime, plus the occasional stain from various parties with red wine and greasy foods. These stains are going to be there for as long as your carpet will exist if you insist on cleaning them by yourself. The other option is to ruin the carpet by rubbing it vigorously with sponges, brushes or damp clothes. Nonetheless, if you want a more effective and more elegant solution, you should consider hiring a professional carpet cleaning service. These companies have the best equipment and the most advanced methods to help you get rid of all dirt and grime, as well as of those pesky stains from those parties.

professional carpet cleaningFor instance, steam cleaning can be done by you, with common household steamers you can find in all the shops, or it can be done by a team of experts with more powerful steamers. The results are going to be very different, as appliances designed for household purposes are less effective. The reason is that they have to be affordable, so they can’t integrate the latest technology and the most advanced techniques, which are expensive. It’s nice to have a steam cleaner at home for your maintenance cleaning, but when it comes to difficult tasks, professional equipment is by far the best. Also, this kind of equipment helps to disinfect the carpets, as it has the power of destroying virtually all bacteria, germs, and allergens that might be hiding inside the fibers.

In the case of extremely dirty carpets, professional technicians may apply dry cleaning to dissolve all the debris that has been caught deep inside the fibers. If you fear this method may affect your health because of the chemicals used in the cleaning process, you should relax as there’s no reason to worry about such things. Modern detergents are non-toxic and safe; they don’t affect the environment, and they won’t be poisoning your children and pets.

There’s an ongoing debate on which professional carpet cleaning method is best. Some people tend to believe steam cleaning is better because it doesn’t use chemicals. However, not all steamers work solely with water. Sometimes, the detergent is applied first, followed by the hot steam jet that mixes dirt with soap, thus cleaning the material.

Others prefer dry cleaning, as they don’t want to risk the formation of mold and mildew. These are real dangers, but steam cleaning done right can also leave the carpets clean and dry. The most important thing when you search for a carpet cleaning company is to make sure they use safe and effective methods above all. At the end of the day, you only want your carpets to be spotless and your family to be safe. If the cleaners decide to use the power of steam or the magic of chemistry, that should be their problem, as long as the result isn’t influenced in a negative way.

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